Scientology and the extreme right in Germany

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Translated from the article posted by Pastor Thomas Gandow, January 2009, on WWP

A film entitled “Why money has disappeared everywhere” is advertised in the rural districts of the eastern German states of Brandenburg and Saxony, an area that is currently experiencing a financial crisis of unprecedented intensity. This film can be downloaded from the Internet.

It is essentially an anti-Semitic film, which previously circulated in right-wing networks under the title: “Give me the world plus 5%” but was also viewed by certain esoteric and environmental groups in Germany. The producer of the film “Why money has disappeared everywhere” is the Scientologist Michael Kent, also known as Michael Hinz ( / Neue Impulse: Start). For more information on Kent/Hinz see Scientology-Kritik: Michael Kent alias Michael Hinz und Psychopolitik

A report on this film was posted on the Gegenrede site, run by LAP Uckermark under the federal programme “Youth for diversity, tolerance and democracy – against right-wing extremism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism”. The BMFSFJ posted a report about this film on 13.11.2008.

I also consider the following reviews to be reliable.

— info-portal rechtsexremismus: vollständige Meldung (right-wing information site: the full report)

— Scientology bei der NPD Barnim-Uckermark angekommen (Scientology has arrived in the NPD of Barnim-Uckermark)

— Wer Hinz & Kunz nicht Ken(n)t (Who Hinz and Kunz don’t know – in other words they know everyone.)

According to the Pinnow ipr (Pinnow is a municipality in the Uckermark district, in Brandenburg, Germany) on 4 November 2008 an animated film entitled “Give me the world plus five percent” was advertised in the National Network Diary of the NPD Barnim Uckermark as part of the so-called “New Impetus”. Its subject was the current financial crisis and it promised to reveal “the undiscovered secret of the banking and monetary system”.

The film is based on a story about the fictitious Jewish goldsmith, Fabian, which was written in 1970 by an Australian, Larry Hannigan. He claimed that it provided authentic information about our financial systems, particularly about interest systems. In 2006 Michael Kent translated, edited and distributed Hannigan’s story. He sent it to exchange rings and initiators of regional currencies. (A version can be found by googling ‘Goldsmith Fabian’.)

The conspiracy of the Illuminati

The figure of the goldsmith ‘Fabian’ – a synonym for ‘Jew’ – plays a significant role in the history of anti-Semitism in the NPD. Larry Hannigan told the story about the London goldsmiths who were money-lenders to English kings in the 16th and 17 centuries. One short passage that describes the banking system as a conspiracy by goldsmiths fits into the ideology of the NPD:

“Goldsmiths from other parts of the country were interested in his success, and Fabian convened a meeting of the goldsmiths, which took place in secret. They decided that the fraud must not become public or it would no longer work. After some deliberation the lodges founded a brotherhood and sworn members to absolute silence. They called themselves the ‘enlightened’ or ‘illuminated’ – and the new ‘enlightened’ goldsmiths now established themselves in every part of the country to follow Fabian’s instructions about lending money. “

This story reached Uckermark two years ago by e-mail circulating within an exchange ring. The content agreed with Michael Kent’s ideas and gave his concepts prominence in the different e-mail sites. He wrote: “We invite you to distribute this text over a wide area. At least a million people in German speaking countries should see this article. The object of this action is to raise the awareness of the people so that our current interest-based economy can be used not only to reduce the number of the ‘select few’ but to create a humane, equitable monetary system.”

Michael Kent, whose real name is Hinz, is the editor of the Kent-Depesche, a weekly paper which is required reading in alternative and esoteric circles in Uckermark. It is published by Sabine Hinz Verlag, a firm owned by his wife, Sabine Hinz, who sells “know more- live better” books, as well as food supplements, seminars and health products that help solve the problems created by Michael Kent.

The Prowofi solution to the housing problem

The activities of Michael Hinz were investigated as early as 1994 by the weekly Die Zeit. At that time he was said to be the founder of the many “Prowofi” companies. Prowofi stands for “Professional Apartment Finder”. About Hinz, Die Zeit wrote:

“Debate about the Prowofi approach to housing is going on in every part of Germany, and everywhere there is growing suspicion. The director of the Tenants Association for Stuttgart and surroundings, Angelika Brautmeier, has been watching the situation in that city for four years.

“The Prowofi idea originated with a man called Michael Hinz. He claims in his promotional brochure that he has researched the housing market in Stuttgart for three years. Hinz pointed out that an individual could find an apartment for himself with no difficulty but that it was ‘a most difficult task’ for the landlord to find a ‘good prospect’.

“From Stuttgart this idea spread. According to the information provided by Angelika Brautmeier, Hinz sold licenses to use his knowledge to people in other cities for 15.000 marks. They then set up Prowofi offices in other cities, each one as an independent company. According to what the Stuttgart Prowofi office told the Tenants Association, Hinz himself has now retired.

“Members of the Stuttgart Tenants Association and other tenant groups suspect, on the basis of much information and years of experience, that Prowofi was a front organization for the Scientology cult. Brautmeier said that its inventor, Michael Hinz, was treasurer of the Scientology organisation. The Scientology Working Group of the Hamburg Senate has several folders full of Prowofi documents. “

Today Michael Kent occupies himself with writing. His website “Michael Kent – Psycho policy” (not found) is critical of conventional medicine, in particular psychiatry, the use of drugs such as Ritalin, and vaccination, and attacks public schools, educational services and support groups which have a different point of view. In the meantime he promotes the so-called “new medicine” or “Germanic New Medicine” of Dr. Hamer Geerd, who lost his license to practice medicine in Germany many years ago.


The Baden-Wuerttemberg assembly has investigated the activities of Michael Hinz and his wife for many years. In the Baden-Wuerttemberg Security Report for 2005, under the heading “Further Investigations”, we read that those who investigated the Scientology Organisation (SO) and KVPM (the Scientology anti-psychiatry front) in the Stuttgart area “took advantage of New Impulse”, which is mainly concerned with Alternative Medicine and conspiracy theories, to look for signs of Scientology.

“In that way we picked up from the Internet, from various events and from the publication entitled “Know more – live better” (Kent-Depesche) which uses a variety of topics in alternative medicine and politics to make contact. Subsequently, these contacts are used to open the way to Scientology.”

Kent-Depesche is self-published by Scientologists. The editor maintain contacts with the right-wing milieu. In the online version of the Kent-Depesche there are links to “friendly magazines”, among them the right-wing Unabhängigen Nachrichten (Independent News).

The link to the ‘friendly’ Independent News no longer exists. Instead the Michael Kent-production, “Give me the world plus five percent”, surfaced in the National Network diary, and now young right-wing extremists from the more remote towns of Brandenburg, who speak of the NPD as a V-man party, explain the financial world on the basis of this film.

The text for the film can be found at…-Hannigan.html

Interview with Rev. Thomas Gandow in 3sat TV with Gerd Scobel (in English)


The NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands) calls itself democratic, but most people see it as anti-democratic and right-wing. There is some evidence that the NPD has been behind violence against Jewish institutions in Germany and attacks on other minorities. In response to this, the German government ( represented by the Minister for Internal Affairs, Otto Schily ) tried to prohibit the NPD. The only way to do this is to go to the Bundesverfassungsgericht (the Constitutional Court) and prove the anti-democratic character of the NPD. The government collected a lot of proof including statements made by some high functionaries of the NPD. But at least one of these functionaries was a V-Mann or secret agent of the German secret service. This means that his statements are worthless as evidence in any court hearings. [, 2002]

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