OLD NEWS: Did the Church of Scientology lie on CNN

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By John Brown

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology wrote: ‘The only way you can control people is to lie to them’. Tommy Davis’s interview with CNN, which is currently making the rounds on YouTube, shows that this strategy only works when the audience has no relevant information. The entire world can now see that Scientology never tells the truth no matter what the topic.

TD lied for the first time about the alleged bomb threats and the other incidents listed on the CoS application to a Clearwater court for an injunction against the Anonymous protest in April 2008. The injunction was refused. Most of the alleged incidents were either invented or involved disaffected former members. Anonymous have shown that the video brought by the CoS as evidence of the bomb threat was of higher quality (with more pixels and so more detail and color) than the version shown on YouTube. The video produced by CoS is therefore the original, or closer to the original, which is only possible if the original was made by CoS and the YouTube version is a copy. Other alleged incidents are either invented, unsubstantiated, or were caused by disaffected former members whose minds had been disturbed by their experiences within the cult. Tommy also lied in saying that the cult report such incidents and then ‘leave it to law enforcement’. If only they would. In fact every executive is trained to ‘handle’ such incidents, destroying evidence if need be, before calling law enforcement. And their Office of Special Affairs (OSA, Scientology’s KGB) works outside the law to fair-game or terrorize its critics.

TD lied for the second time when he denied that the cult operated a policy of disconnection. This was a very stupid thing to do. Most critics have personal experience of disconnection. Tory Christman, in a response to this interview, repeated that when she left the cult she lost all her friends of thirty years, and her husband of twenty-seven years who is still a Scientologist. Both Tanya Neujahr and Vivien Krogman-Lutz (interviewed by Mark Bunker) were disconnected as teenagers by their Scientologist parents. David Miscavige’s own family is split by disconnection. This was one of the main reasons his niece Jenna became active against the cult. Ida Camburn, a protester against Scientology since the 1970s, and who died a few months ago, had not seen her son for more than thirty years. Grace and Ken Aaron have also lost their son. There are untold examples of disconnection within families, each of them representing a bereavement renewed day by day.

TD lied for the third time when he claimed that all the members know the truth about Scientology. The cult restricts their exposure to TV, newspapers and the Internet. Members are not allowed to read critical books. Lapses are disclosed by security checks and punished.

TD had nothing to say when asked ‘What are your basic beliefs?’ This is understandable, since Scientology has no basic beliefs, unless you count the space fable of Xenu and his Thetans, or their belief in the miraculous power of L. Ron Hubbard to resolve all the problems of the universe, including the dangers of blue asbestos and mental illness. Tommy fell back on the standard Scientology rant: ‘Come into the org, it is always open; read a book; take the free stress test; find out what we are about.’ It is factually untrue that you can walk into a Scientology center and find out what it is about. For that you have to pay, and pay. And indoctrination starts the moment you do step inside. It is designed so that it is difficult to get out again. Beware: the tech works.

TD lied for the fifth time when he said he did not recognize the concept of dead space aliens infesting human bodies. This is surprising. Any Scientology who has paid the money and undergone Stage III, the Wall of Fire, and just about everyone else who has access to the Internet, knows that advanced Scientologists spend enormous amounts of time and money recognizing and banishing evil body thetans. The process is known as auditing. It is a form of hypnosis and leads to a kind of mad couch-jumping euphoria.

This is not where the lying stops. Scientology also lies about its tax status, its support for human rights, its effective ways of teaching, its concern for drug addicts, criminals and orphans. It lies about its membership numbers and its other achievements. It lies in its claims about what you can achieve (but it is always your fault when you fail to achieve. You pulled it in.)

Scientology is not gentle, kindly, tolerant and humanitarian but totalitarian, intolerant, cruel and destructive, interested only in how much money or labor they can squeeze out of their staff and ‘parishioners’ and utterly disinterested in whatever disasters may befall them.

Be careful! Don’t believe anything a Scientologist says. Think for yourself!


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