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Charles Manson, Celebrity Scientologist

November 19, 2010


” I also learned from the documents that they were suing me for things that were true. For example, they repeatedly sued me for saying that Charles Manson was a Scientologist, and there were fifty to a hundred documents showing how they were trying to hide the fact that Charles Manson-had studied Scientology.” Paulette Cooper, […]

Scientology und politischer Extremismus

November 2, 2010


Dianetik ist die Wissenschaft und Scientology ist die dazu entwickelte Technologie, die zur praktischen Anwendung und als Mittel zur Verbreitung entwickelt wurde. Der Mann, der dies alles entwickelt hat, war L. Ron Hubbard. Er folgte Skinner, in dem er sagte, dass durch die Lehre eines spezifischen Prozesses (die Technologie) ein festes Ziel (Leistung oder Macht) […]

Zielgruppe Kind

October 26, 2010


Kinder bzw. Jugendliche suchen in Sekten Halt und Verständnis. Dieses wird ihnen anfänglich auch geboten, aber in der Regel bekommen sie nach einiger Zeit die Macht der Gehirnwäsche und die materielle Ausbeutung zu spüren. Scientology spricht hier gezielt Jugendliche und Kinder an.  Diese Organisation hat hierzu einen eigenen Bereich in der Organisationsstruktur entwickelt, der sich […]

Who was L. Ron Hubbard? Part Three

October 22, 2010


PART THREE: HUBBARD THE MAGICIAN Ronald DeWolf, who died in 1991, was born L. Ron Hubbard, Junior in 1934. He was the eldest son of the founder of Scientology. In the last ten years of his life Nibs, as he was known, made several public statements about his father, anxious, or so it would appear, […]

Ron in the Navy

October 21, 2010


Most of what Scientology has published over the years about the naval career of L. Ron Hubbard in WWII is either grossly inflated, contradictory, or untrue – lies in fact. Does it matter? To anyone involved in Scientology it certainly does, not only because living a lie is deceitful, antisocial and immoral but because to […]

Timeline: L. Ron Hubbard 1911-1986

October 21, 2010


THE UNHAPPY LIFE OF LAFAYETTE RONALD HUBBARD 1911-1986 THE MYTH He studied man in 52 different cultures, from an early age had a hunger for knowledge and a compassion for man that knew no rival. He found the tech of life and the mind, mapped the way out of the labyrinth, threaded a path through […]

Sara Northrup Divorce Petition

October 20, 2010


Sara Northrup was L. Ron Hubbard’s second (bigamous) wife.  She agreed to let Hubbard divorce her to get back her daughter Alexis (13 months) whom Hubbard had kidnapped. Source: WARNER & JACKSON 639 South Spring Street Los Angeles 14, California Tucker 9171 Attorneys for Plaintiff [Stamped: FILED Apr 23 1951, Harold Cecily, County Clerk] […]